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Política de la licencia de Bandizip

Making a purchase of Bandizip grants you to use the product according to the following license policy.

Licencia permanente

Bandizip license has no expiration date; you’re able to use the product permanently once the purchase has been made.

Available Anywhere to Anyone

Bandizip license may be used anywhere including home and business, for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

This eligibility goes equally for Standard Edition which does not require buying a license.

Licencia de edición profesional

A license of Professional Edition is a single-user license. One license allows one person to use the product, and the user may register the product on 5 PCs.

On up to 5 PCs the product can be registered at a time, and registering the product on 6th PC deactivates the oldest registration automatically.

Licencia de edición empresarial

A license of Enterprise Edition is a single-PC license. It is required to purchase as many licenses as the number of PCs on which you use the products.

Registering the product on more PCs than the number of licenses you have purchased deactivates the oldest registration automatically.

Obtén tu clave de activación de nuevo

If you’ve lost the product key of your license, visit the link below and enter your registered email address. The product key will be sent to your email again.

For more information about Bandizip license policy, please contact us at apps@bandisoft.com.